These famous actors and models committed suicide

The glitter world looks all shiny and happening from the outer side but from inside it has its own darker corner. Quite often we hear the depression stories of Bollywood actors, depression might sound like a normal word, but in reality, it’s a fatal decease. There are actors who have committed suicide because of prolonged depression. The reasons behind their dismay are the increasing competition in the industry, loneliness, lack of money, and lack of work. It is really sad to know that the stars that once glowed on screen were living a dark life and at the end, they chose to end it.

Here are the famous actors and models who committed suicide due to depression

  • Guru Dutt- The legendary film-maker who gave Indian Cinema a new map died due to an overdose of sleeping pills along with a high amount of alcohol.
  • Shikha Joshi- Shikha Joshi was seen in the film B.A pass. In 2015, Shikha left everyone shocked after she committed suicide by slitting her throat.

  • Archana Pandey- Model and actress Archana Pandey was found dead in flat in Versova in September 2014. She committed suicide by hanging from the ceiling fan.

  • Jiah Khan- Jiah Khan’s sudden demise shook the entire Bollywood industry. While her family is still claiming Suraj Pancholi for her death, the matter still remains the topic of debate.

  • Divya Bharti- The most promising young actress of the 90s died after falling off from her balcony at the mere age of just 19.

  • Kuljeet Randhawa- The pretty actress committed suicide by hanging to the fan ceiling. The reason behind her drastic step was depression and life’s pressure which she wasn’t able to handle.

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  • Silk Smitha- Known for her seductive roles, Silk Smitha committed suicide in her flat in 1996. The reason behind her suicide was depression and lack of work.


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