After Sunil Grover, Ali Asghar & Chandan Prabhakar Too Quit Kapil Sharma Show

After Sunil Grover, Ali Asghar & Chandan Prabhakar Too Quit Kapil Sharma Show.

After the quit of Sunil Grover from the Kapil Sharma Show, Ali Asghartoo departs from the show. There is a huge setback for the Kapil Sharma who cuts his own foot by single mistake. Now, Ali Asghar famous for the role of “Dadi” and Chandan Prabhakar boycotted the Kapil Sharma Comedy Show. Before they both boycotted, Sunil haunted the whole comedy lovers who were the huge fan of the show.

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A lot of controversies plagued the entire program when Kapil teased Sunil disrespectfully at the flight. His rubbish behavior implants the worse signals for Rinku Bhabhi and Chandu Chai Wallah. So, what are the things which made ahuge blow for the Kapil Sharma Show are to be known very soon?

Read the whole story about the boycott of the famous characters of the show!

Sunil Grover controversy burnt the fuel with the Kapil Sharma Show earlier in the flight returning from Australia to Mumbai.

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Some rumors made the contention clear that Sunil as Dr Mashoor Gulati (Gutthi) will not come back to the show.

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After this huge blow, a news rumored that Chandan Prabhakar (Chandu) has boycotted the show and didn’t reach the shooting of the show.

Now, Ali Asghar famous show name “Dadi” too quits the Kapil Sharma Show as he doesn’t seem to report shooting for the upcoming episodes.

All these comedians, have left the Kapil alone except one who is in link with the host. Is this the end of the Kapil Sharma Show, as the Comedy Nights With Kapil?

However, Ali Asghar boycotts as he doesn’t want to disgrace their character from any other person more. So, Ali Asghar stage name Dadi has no sympathy with the comedy show.

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