Mexican President: We Will Not Pay For Trump Wall

Mexican President: We Will Not Pay For Trump Wall.

“We will not pay for Trump Wall.” These are the words which smashed the US President Donald Trump. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto repeated these words in a public address in response to the American President’s executive orders to build the wall alongside the Southern Border. Remember that, Donald Trump promised in 2015 during a mass campaignthat he would order for a wall which would construct with the border of Mexico.

Mexican President: We Will Not Pay For Trump Wall

Enrique Pena Nieto, the Mexican President, rejected the Donald Trump’s executive order. He rejected all his proposalsrelating to thefence. Donald Trump passed an executive order last day for building a wall alongside the southern border of Mexico. Moreover, Trump called it rather than they would support the wall.

But, in a public address to the nation, Mexican President denounced all kind of deals with the USA. “We will not pay for a wall,” he said during the address. Another alarming situation rose when Trump signed an executive order for building the wall.

Mexican President: We Will Not Pay For Trump Wall

How long would these things effect in their relations be somehow a perturbing question? But, when we talk about their closeness then one thing goes very clear that they will suffer from many problems. Mexican President also revealed that both these countries would suffer from distinctive problems of brotherhood and of trade. They will also have inherent difficulties while they build a wall, so we will not pay for any wall.

Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto have to visit America, but now, he is not going to theUS after such pronouncement. He also canceled his official tour to theUSA today, Thursday. “I lament and hence, I reject the wall as we would not pay rather than it will not unite us but, divide us,” he added.

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