‘La La Land’ Sets A New Record By Winning More Golden Globe Awards

‘La La Land’ Sets A New Record By Winning More Golden Globe Awards.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling stumbled everyone in the show. Their romantic and musical drama film ‘La La Land’ made a new record in Golden Globe Awards history. It achieved all the best awards and made everyone stunning. It was the right time when the most nominations declared for this musical film.

‘La La Land’ breaks the all previous records of most winning Golden Globe Awards in the one show. Before it, only two movies held successful five and six consecutive awards a long time ago which will be the part of this article later. Let’s know what was a unique time when it happened in the show.

Golden Globe Award is the best return in the shape of prestige and best motion pictures in the category of Comedy and Music.

Look at the feelings and marvelous speech of Emma Stone after receiving the Award.

Golden Globe’s Best Actor Ryan Gosling while sharing his sense to the audience.

Damien Chazelle won the best screenplay award in Golden Globe Awards.

Before the La La Land, only two movies receivedmore Golden Globes Awards and that are The Midnight Express and the other is The Cuckoo’s Next.

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