“Game Of Thrones” Lady Sophie Turner Roasted Donald And Melania Trump

“Game Of Thrones” Lady Sophie Turner Roasted Donald And Melania Trump.

A couple of days ago on Twitter, a user played a hilarious game to all Tweeter users. He asked a question about the super and better duo. He also mentioned the Donald and Melania Trump instead of the better duo. Then what turned around the way was too hilarious. And… it went crazy when “Games Of Thrones” character Sophie Turner played a super bowl role on the Tweeter.

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Let us find more about what actually happened!

Here is the user who asked the question about the better duo than the Donald and Melania Trump.


People around the world in response to the question posted their answers but, some of them was too ridiculous. And, here was the better response.

someone posted so amazingly, check it out.

But, this was the Sophie Turner who badly roasted the due which she played Sansa Stark role in Games Of Thrones. She simply defined it with the two different pictures and it went viral across the globe.

People took her post seriously and got freak over her response.


One thanks to Sophie for the Sansa Stark in the Game Of Thrones.

But, when Sophie Turner did not find her feelings clear the, she posted with the humble course.

How do you find Sophie Turner hilarious roast for Donald and Melania Trump?

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