Fidel Castro Is No Longer In This World (1926-2016)

Fidel Castro Is No Longer In This World (1926-2016)

Fidel Castro has recently passed away from this world on November 26, 2016. He has died at theage of 90, and he served his country for more than the half century. Fidel Castro was born on August 13, 1926, at Biran. His anti-imperialism policies brought him the stronger administrator in the world. Fidel Castro has left the mark of sorrow for the people of Cuba as well as for the following countries.

He was the Cuban Revolutionary leader, and his anti-capitalism policies turned him the great head of Cuba. Everything was going on the right way in his period because he maintained each and every possible thing in the best-suited form.

Fidel Castro Is No Longer In This WorldHow Fidel Castro became popular?

Fidel Castro became popular among the contemporary administrators due to his capitalism policy. He used to say that it is against the human life and it should abolish forever.

As a Dictator

Fidel Castro Is No Longer In This WorldHis rebellion crushing policies brought him the title of dictator. Althoughhe followed by many medieval rulers, he remained tyrant for the anti-wing blog. He introducedeconomic policies which led the Cuba in the period of better economic conditions.

Against American Alliance

Fidel Castro was the only leader who stood up against the America and his allies. He often gave tough time to America on many occasions due to this he got fame in a world. Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, gave him the title of “The Man Of Steel.”

Fidel Castro Is No Longer In This World

He has now become the past of this world

Cuba never had such revolutionary leader in the past as he was. Fidel Castro made the Cube as the rising economic power within the short time. He remained the President the of Cuba for 32 years in which he faced many ups and downs and did his best to solve them earlier.

Note: The primary purpose of this article is to inform that he is no longer with us. Every beginner sees his end and the same happened to this man of steel. A proper article will be published very soon about Fidel Castro who will consist of his early life till his death.

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