15 Of The Best LGBT Movies On Netflix

15 Of The Best LGBT Movies On Netflix.

You have probably watched many LGBT Movies in your life but, you never noticed about the best one. To be the member of the community and to promote some best ideas is quite worthy. The people having this taste always seek some enthrallingone which may boost their preachings. Somehow they can realize their views in the society where they do something different from the others.

So, have a look at these Best LGBT Movies on your Netflix streaming!

15. Tangerine (2015)

Mya Taylor and Kitana Kiki worked on this fantastic short iPhone film in the streets of Los Angles. They got the best academy award for their infinitive and thriller erotic movies. This Tangerine filmwas one of the best LGBT movies which were made through limited work and probably was the best showcase of two transgenders life sex.

14. We Were Here (2010)

“We Were Here” is the complete work on the gay life theme. It is the best documentary film on the 80’s plague of AIDS and HIV. Through this movie, Bill Veber, and David Weissman played an important role to fight back against the diseases in the society.

13. Boys (2014)

A Netherland baseof coming age film Boys directed by Mischa Kamp. Sieger and Marc are the same sex gay who meets in the national relay race. One day, they share a cheerful feeling with the sweet kisses which bring them close and nourished them with love and lust.

12. Mala Mala (2015)

Mala Mala is a Puerto Rico short commentary film which Antonio Santini directed. It is the best LGBT movie which bases on the win of the LGBT community rights. This Puerto Rico film presented in the countries where LGBT movement was struggling for a long time. So, with the approval of the LGBT law, it made a victorious lead in UK, Netherlands, Los Angles, Austin, Mexico, and Ukraine.

11. Room In Rome (2010)

Room in Rome is a Spanish Lesbian romantic drama film made on the emotional and sexual relations. It is the best LGBT room base short drama which meets the demands of the gay community. Julio Medem directed this which filmed on the two women who meets in the Rome. This film stood one of the best LGBT Movies for the best nominations in 2011.

10. A Single Man (2009)

Christopher Isherwood famous novel filmed by Tom Ford (director). It is an interesting as well as heart-broken LGBT movie in which Colin George lost his partner. But, after the death of his partner, he spends his every single day like a long day which never ends. In the meanwhile, George meets his colleague Julianne Moore and has a loving tale to forget his past. So, he makes his days romantic till the end of his final breath.

9. Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)

Blue Is The Warmest Color is the best LGBT Movie ever which fulfill the demands of the queers overs. It is a French romantic and erotic thriller movie which is full of lust and queer. It is base on the same name novel which directed by Abdellatif Kechiche. Adele and Seydoux are the two Lesbians who meets their wishes with the same relations. Their story starts from the high school days when Seydoux meets with the Blue hair, Adele.

8. Pariah (2011)

Pariah and Alike are the two girls who have some trolling things as Pariah thinks her Lesbian. So, she comes to know her as her very close friend after her mother who stopped for the interaction with the other. She searches for his love completely but, never found. Finally, she takes intimate rest with Alike.

7. Weekend (2011)

A romantic story base on the one-night stand gives a bright, loving aura to the LGBT film lovers. One plans to go on for his dreams in the other country but, the other one focusses on the still part of their romantic and loving story.

6. Reaching For The Moon

“Reaching For The Moon” is the story of thelove affair between Marinda Otto (Elizabeth Bishop) Pulitzer Award Winner and Lota De Macedo Soares- Gloria Pires. This intensive film takes much deeper to you for the loving and romantic scenes. It gives a look on the life of the woman who wants to have something incredible in her life.

5. Margarita With A Straw (2014)

Laila (Kalki Koechlin) an Indian actressplays a pivotal role in Margarita With A Straw. This LGBT or same-sex film gives alesson to all those who want to make their life colorful. She falls in love with a Blind Pakistani girl during the NYU study days. A hopeful bisexual transmission from Laila pours more beauty in the quest.

4. Stranger By The Lake (2013)

Alain Guiraudie directed this erotic, thriller French film which won Cannes Film Festival award. Lakeshore is the place where some gay men come and enjoy their life. One day Frank falls in love with Michael who is a mysterious and some handsome guy.

3. Chasing Amy (1997)

Kevin Smith directed this American romantic-comedy film. This film revolves around the comic artist who falls in love with the Lesbian and does everything which he wants. Holden Mcneil and Banky Edwards seeks their love with the LGBT starring who poses with the different angles. Chasing Ay won two best awards in 1998 Independent Spirit Awards.

2. Bridegroom (2013)

This Bridegroom film is one of the best LGBT basis movies which won the hearts of million. Former US President Bill Clinton presented this movie at the Tribeca Film Festival directed by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason. Interestingly this queer film became the popular sign during the LGBT movements in the early days. It revolves around the Shane whose partner Tom suddenly falls from the roof. It’s a pinning jerk which gives new birth to the gay life.

1. Beginners (2010)

After his mother passes ways (Mike Mills), his father Hal comes to the closest life. Hal’s son Ewan does a pretty cool thing being the son of the heart-wrenching father Hal. But, he makes to share his feelings with the Plummer. Christopher Plummer gives him a new hope after the death of the Mill’s mother. A fascinating and cheering life begins with the new hopes which endwith the Love.

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